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Margo Candy Maker
Margo Candy Maker

About Margo the Candy Maker

Ever since I can remember, I have been fascinated by the artistry in foodstuff. Especially, foods and flavors from around the world. Not too long ago, I was lucky enough to be able to volunteer with a music festival Electric Daisy Carnival. While volunteering, I pushed myself out of the comfort zone and traveled alone to new grounds. I met some amazing people and tried foods, drinks, and sweets that you can only find in person. Through my wonderful self-discovering travels, I was lucky to bump into my destiny and passion along the way. I met my boyfriend in Vegas the mecca of all types of cultures and backgrounds. Now, I get to travel with my partner, and soulmate in life to do all these amazing things with together.

While finding new flavors out in the world I discovered somethings that are missing from our palettes. This was where the magic started to bubble. I started bouncing around ideas and playing in the kitchen until I came up with an awesome prototype to what I was imagining.



Strawberry Daiquiri

This is when I started thinking of the thousands of people that were missing out! It couldn’t go on any longer. I knew I had to make more of these little yummy creations to deliver to your door for you to try. Now your wedding or next event or party will be the ball of the year when you have your guests try the candies at your candy buffet or give them the best parting gift that will leave them talking for days.

When This Candy Making Passion Began…

Mimosa Gummies

It was the Summer of 2014, we were sitting around a kitchen table, each one of us with a fresh homemade raspberry mojito in hand, all the while munching on some gummy bears. As I sat there, eating out of the bag of colorful, flavorful gummy bears, I looked at one and thought to myself, ‘why can’t this gummy bear taste like my delicious mojito?’ This is how the candy story began…

I started testing out flavors, spending countless hours researching different methods of candy making and discovered many of the various candies that are currently available. I realized that there were a lot of the same things in different places. I just knew that I had dawned on something new and never done before. Party Favor Candy Co. is the future of candy.

This fun journey has developed into my candy story that has brought out a beloved passion in me. I have visited many candy stores and tasted many different cocktails and concoctions on my travels. I am so excited to share with you the various flavors and drinks that I have discovered from around the world and bring them to you in delicious gummy forms for everyone to enjoy, have fun and to make great memories with!

#Eat Responsibly,
Margo V.

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