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Party Favor Candy Co. created the exclusive line of Candied Cocktail gummy candy that you can see here in our Candy Cocktail Shop! It features cocktails and flavors from around the world. Coming soon, you will also find succulent smoothie gummy candies made from real fruits and veggies.

Each of the candy gummy lines that are made at Party Favor Candy Co. is made with REAL FRUIT to grasp the actual flavors. There are NO ARTIFICIAL COLORS used. Everything is naturally colored from their fruits or flavors that are incorporated.

All the candy bags are packaged in our eco-sustainable packaging. That means all the candy bags can either be reused or recycled. YAY! 


Our mission is to pay off our student debt, and then help others that are struggling to pay off theirs!


We graduated college with some hefty debt and a struggle to find a decent paying job. There is talk about our next financial crisis coming from unpaid college school loans being unpaid. That’s why we decided to take our problem into our own hands. 

By making a purchase at Party Favor Candy Co., you can feel great about yourself because you just helped us pay a little bit of our school loan off and you get to enjoy some yummy candy! Each purchase has brought us one step closer to paying off our debt. Our goal is to help others pay off their debt too. We have in the works a plan to help others who are struggling to pay off their own debt. Stay tuned! Subscribe to keep up to date with the latest flavors and to new discoveries in our journey to pay off our student loans by clicking here.

-Margo, Founder

When ordinary candy won’t suffice.


These gummies are a new & unique type of candy that is a must try for all types of foodies looking for the next best thing. All of these gummies bring a delicate, intricate taste of various flavors from around the world in delicious gummy form and grant us the knowledge and shared artistic value through amazing visualizations about the region they are from.

And, new flavors are constantly being discovered.

Stay in touch to be updated with all the new flavor discoveries.

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